Outdoor Furniture Considerations


All wood – including those suitable for outdoors like teak, tzalam, parota, acacia, etc – due to its natural origin tends to expand under heat and contract under cold, especially under direct exposure to nature’s elements.

Wood also develops in due course of time and due to exposure, a number of micro ruptures of 2 to 3 mm deep, as a result of its internal movements. This is completely normal.

Punctual and correct maintenance avoids such micro-ruptures to further develop and prevents them from become larger cracks.

It is important to apply every 1 to 3 months, according to the weather conditions and degree of exposure of the item, flax seed oil, teak oil, or special outdoor wood oil to all wood components of your furniture. This will help to keep the wood hydrated and will delay the changes in coloration as well as appearance of cracks and grinding.