The fabric of our culture and the framework of our decisions.






We are 

in the community, and we support the local culture, mexican artisans and artists.  

 We are  

by everything, everywhere and we never stop looking for more.

 is imperative in every task. Creativity is contagious. Let's pass it on.  

We excercise  

We keep an open and understanding mind because what we do is not only art, what we do is personal. 

We have the deepest  

for our clients trust, and a strong commitment to deliver excellence, to deliver happiness.

Looking into the future

We strive to become the most valued team for furnishing & interior design solutions in the Baja Area, known for our understanding of people, outstanding service and impeccable quality in everything we deliver.

a little bit of history...


In Sevilla Home, we believe in the richness of Mexican design. This was the basic principle in which I founded this trademark, and we have more than 15 years of experience designing custom-made furniture, offering the best of Mexican quality and creativity.


Our trajectory has allowed us to surround ourselves with artisans, artists, suppliers and partners that share our attention to detail and our quality promise. These roots have been incorporated with contemporary trends and a younger team of creative minds, allowing Sevilla Home to offer a unique vision; fresh, rich in colors, smells and textures, and above all, proudly Mexican-made.


Silvia Ruiz Sevilla

Team Leader   



 To create – through aesthetics and creativity – harmonic human spaces that reflect the uniqueness of our clients. To transform the every-day life into the inspired picture of a lifestyle.

Our passion